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Welcome to Lechner Falcons!


fem. Gyr/Red naped Shaheen 2008
Lechner Falcons is the biggest and most state of the art 
Huntingfalcons breeding facility in Austria.
We are the one and only breeder in Austria who breeds
pure Gyrs in all colours and the
biggest number of stunning Gyr/Peregrines as well!!

 For many years now, our Offspring have proven themselves as field effective

Huntingfalcons, in Europe as well as in the Middle East, on all kinds of quarry,

including houbara bustard.


 Our Gyrfalcon Breeding Stock has been meticulously selected from the

finest bloodlines available in the world. Most parents have pedigrees

going back to original founder wild stock. All birds featured in this Website

are exclusive to Lechner Falcons!!


All pictures on this website are copyright by Lechner Falcons!!


!! Our breeding stock is containing not a single Hybrid !!


We hope you will enjoy our Website!


Fotos and Text: Juergen Kramer